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These are the ultra responsive Sweepstake Coupon Leads you have been looking for.
We have the real leads at the best prices.
All of our First Hit Leads are ten to 15 days old, these are the freshest leads you will find.

We offer Sweepstakes Leads for both USA and Canada.  Our leads are perfect for telemarketers who are looking to increase their sales, find new business, and increase revenue.  Whether you are looking to make phone calls locally or nationally, our quality sweepstakes coupon leads will help you and your business succeed.

Connecting with your potential customers via the phone is a great way to build a relationship and can be very effective because it’s more personal than many other methods of advertising.  In a digital age, sometimes something as simple as verbal communication can mean a lot.  The telemarketing industry is alive and well, and with the right leads and tools, the opportunity is greater today than ever.  Together, we can help you grow your sales, email us or use the contact form now to get yours and start getting more clients today.

100 Coupons & 100 Database

200 Leads Total
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200 Coupons & 200 Database

400 Leads Total

500 Coupons & 500 Database

1000 Leads Total
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